Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A lot has happened...

Carlee's class the last day of school

Logan's class the last day of school

Carlee has her 2nd grade school musical Goin' Buggy

Logan went on the school, overnight at The Phoenix Zoo, field trip (w/ dad), they got to meet
Mark Curtis from 12 News who was there doing a special for the news. They all thought that was pretty neat.

Mike & Scott did the Warrior Dash

The pictures got out of sync, we saw Indian ruins on our hike.

Celebrated Carlee's birthday!

Another fun family backpacking trip to the Superstition Mountains (Rogers Canyon).

A lot has happened since my last post so, I'll include a few pictures and hope you get caught up!
We also had Carlee's tumbling recital but I did get any good pictures, just the ones that I paid for from the studio. We hope you are all having a fabulous summer!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reavis Falls Hiking/Backpacking Trip

On the road to our destination...

Of course no hike of ours would be complete without a snake! Thank you Mike for taking care of it.

Logan, Carlee and I hiking the trail. Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho!

Small waterfall into a pool

Part of the Reavis Falls (too big to get all of it up close)

Beautiful scenery on our way home (again the pictures got out of order, sorry)

Some how the rest of these got out of order but this is us at the END of the hike celebrating that

Beautiful scenery on our hike

Looking up out of the canyon where we camped

Our family
(a little rough but having fun)

For part of October break we took the kids on an overnight hike/backpacking trip up in the Superstition Mountains to Reavis Falls/Canyon. We went with some friends, The Davis Family. It was 5.5 miles in and 5.5 miles out. The kids did really well packing their gear and had a great time with their friends. We saw some beautiful scenery, lots of cactus, played in the creek and made some fun family memories. I felt like I was 100 years old the day after and could barely move but it was worth it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Logan's First Wrestling Medal

Logan received his first wrestling/grappling medal this past weekend. He went 2 rounds and had to go into overtime by take down to determine the winner. The other kid took Logan down in OT but Logan still got the 2nd place medal.
He did REALLY well for his first tournament, we are so proud of him! YAY Logan!
(sorry for the crazy eyes, didn't have the regular camera w/ us)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to School - Hooray!

The kids started school this week! I know, crazy Arizona! It's still 112 degrees outside but they have to start school here and I don't consider summer over until September, all well. Carlee is in 2nd grade and Logan is in 4th this year. They both love their teachers, thank goodness. Carlee has the same teacher that Logan had in 2nd grade, so we know what to expect and we are very happy with her. Logan has a teacher that came recommended by other moms and she seems to be great so far. I'm happy to get our "routine and schedule" back. I'm also grateful to be able to get things done in a matter of hours instead of days and that there is nobody complaining about how many errands there are or how long it's taking to get them done! OH HAPPY DAYS!! :)
Here's to another fun-filled, action packed, pencil marking, homework doing, after school activities, backpack dragging, high drama, new & old friends, let the craziness resume school year!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beach & Seaworld

Carlee, Logan & Sara boogie boarding (uncle Scott keeping watch).

Carlee being silly...

Logan & Mike boogie boarding.

Mike catching a wave.

Killer whales @ the Shamu Show

Carlee and I

Dolphins @ the Blue Horizons Show

Logan, Carlee & Sara feeding the seals.

Wild Rapids ride that Carlee BEGGED to go on ALL day because she was hot and wanted to get wet. So, she went w/ dad, Logan and the grandparents. She got the MOST wet and was upset because she had to then walk around SOAKED the rest of the day. I tried to tell her but she didn't want to listen to me! :)

Logan, Sara and Carlee @ Fletcher's Cove

Celebrating Logan's birthday @ Anthony's Fish Grotto

My nephew, Ryan, after eating a bite of his birthday dessert and clapping his hands because it was YUMMY!
Us @ the Pier outside of Anthony's Fish Grotto in San Diego.

We took a trip to Solana Beach (north of La Jolla ) and to Seaworld with Mike's family this summer. We also celebrated Logan's birthday (and my nephew who turned 1). It was really fun! We spent 3 days on the beach doing NOTHING! Okay, well that was me and it was heaven! The kids played in the sand, boogie boarded, swam and snorkeled. Mike, his brother, Logan and grandpa all went snorkeling at La Jolla Cove and got to swim with and see a bunch of Leopard Sharks, they are breeding right now. 40-50 of them were surrounding them and swimming with them along with a bunch of sting rays. They said it was neat, I passed. Logan got to experience it but after a couple minutes (and being able to say he did it) he was done. Our trip to Seaworld was really fun too and we all had a long, fun day. We celebrated the boys birthdays at Anthony's Fish Grotto on the Pier in San Diego. It was delicious!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Boy

Celebrating his b-day at Anthony's Fish Grotto in San Diego.

Standing in front of the Shamu car at Seaworld.

Logan turned 9 last week! Where has the time gone? He is growing up way too fast and is proud of the fact that he's almost as tall as I am! Here are a couple of quick pics of my "not so little" boy.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lake, Friends & Fun

Family Picture

All the boys, cliff jumping

Logan on the ski trainer. After one pass he had it. Then he fell and got back on it with
NO help and off he went for a second pass. He loved it!

Logan on the wakeboard

Mike wakeboarding

Mike helping Carlee try to wakeboard. She did not like it and only tried twice, but she tried.

Mike and Greg

Cameron, Logan, Carlee and Karissa getting ready to go tubing!

The kids and I

Mike wakesurfing

Our friends, The Shorts - from California, came for a visit and hauled their boat out. We went to the lake for 2 1/2 days and had a blast! Kids and adults all had a fantastic time and loved every minute of it! Logan learned how to ski (with the help of the ski trainer) and wakeboard. We all wakeboarded, wakesurfed, swam, fishing, the boys went cliff jumping and the kids went tubing. Thank you Short Family for coming to visit!